Fifth Ave Massage Team 2019

Fifth Ave Massage Team 2019


Wendy Lee  |  Robin Brooks  |  Erin Fisk  |  Lea Hawkins

Our team consists of four wonderful, educated, compassionate and devoted massage therapists. With a combined 80 years of experience, we can help you reach your goals, observe postural dysfunctions and show you ways to address, create and maintain your own changes.

We look forward to helping you relax at Fifth Ave. Massage!


Wendy Lee 


Wendy’s first massage school was in Santa Cruz California in 1981. She has done many other wonderful adventures and careers but massage has always called her name and won her heart. Wendy loves her work as a Massage Therapist. In 1996, she studied at her second massage school, School of Good Medicine Massage right here in Whitefish.  Following school, she became Nationally Certified through NCTMB. She then ended up assisting the instructor with the teaching of specialty classes. For the next 13 years she helped launch 8-14 students every year into the wonderful career of massage therapy.

Due to a few personal injuries throughout her years, she has learned: how to respect recovery, what the body needs, how to work with and help change muscle dysfunction following an accident or surgery and how to correct bad postural habits.  She believes her injuries have been a huge blessing and are an asset to her work.

Wendy knows how helpful massage can be when there has been trauma and injury; she has had about 4 great comebacks!  Wendy loves to help create change in a body by finding the short muscle and/or problem. She helps to make awareness and educate the client with her many modalities. If you are planning surgery, recovering from a physical trauma or just want to relax, Wendy can help. By working with your Physical Therapists, Acupuncturist, Chiropractors, Medical Doctors and Medical Insurance, Wendy will gladly be apart of your supportive team during your healing process.

Wendy loves the great outdoors and playing in all four seasons. Skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, camping, rafting the great NW Montana river system all summer long, biking, hiking and motorcycling are all favorite parts of Wendy’s time when out of the office. After a long day fishing on the river she enjoys eating her catch. When she is not playing outside, she is helping with her local youth church group, or giving rides to elders in need.

Wendy has now been doing massage about 35+ years and plans to continue.  She has had a dream of going bigger than just herself and has accomplished that since April 2012 with her new facility of Fifth Ave. Massage in Whitefish, Montana.  Located on a wonderful corner just a few blocks off Main Street, Fifth Avenue Massage is high profile with a super convenient location.  Wendy has handpicked other incredible therapists who all give a wonderful, therapeutic, safe, caring, and intuitive massage to round out your experience when you visit us.

Again, Wendy loves her massage work and it shows, in her loving, caring and knowledgeable style. Her returning clients, busy schedule of regulars, business ethics and the way she manages her responsible, wonderful team and office that works together shows her passion and career for the field of massage therapy.  To all the therapists at Fifth Ave. Massage, clients come first. By covering each other’s schedules when needed, the team works out client appointments during each day of the week and evenings with notice. The connection between the team at Fifth Ave. Massage is professional and friendly allowing guests to feel right at home.

Wendy takes massage seriously and has made a thriving career out of loving what she does and being great at it. Come; give yourself a gift of wellbeing…a great massage by Wendy.


Erin Fisk


Erin Fisk grew up in the Northeast, mainly Massachusetts and Maine. She found Whitefish, Montana in the summer of 2017 and fell in love. She found Fifth Ave. Massage in the Fall of 2017 and started sharing her gifts with the community. Throughout her active life she endured several injuries including many concussions where she really developed empathy towards others’ pain, grieving, and recovery Her work excelled because of this. She went to school for social work and was a paramedic for years in both Massachusetts and Tennessee and has been helping others for most of her life. While searching for something more from a holistic approach relating to her own experiences with trauma….., massage really caught her interest and so, in 2014, she decided to enroll in “Center for Massage and Natural Health” in Asheville, North Carolina. 

Erin originally planned to become a sports massage therapist, however, she began noticing more subtleties in the body and began pursuing other modalities in addition to her training. Once she graduated massage school she decided to open her own practice in Tennessee, “Wanderlust Massage and Wellbeing”, which proved to be a great success.  She became #1 on Google search in the surrounding area within 6 months of being in business. Clients often drove an hour to get work done by her and often stated, “I have not had a massage like this in 20 plus years!” With compliments such as these, Erin feels blessed and very grateful for the gifts she has been given.

Erin is trained in Cranial Structural work, which includes working with concussions and brain injuries, emotional release, and chronic pain and injuries. She is trained in Divine Intervention and Structural Energetic Therapy as well as Aromatouch Technique, Swedish Massage, Vibrational Sound healing, Deep Tissue Massage, Access Bars, and energetic balancing.

Erin approaches healing through a body, mind, and soul approach and believes that everything is connected and can be healed from within with the right circumstances. This is how she has healed so much of her own traumas both physically and emotionally and has developed such a passion for helping others do the same. Come experience her unique healing gifts, modalities, and personality. She looks forward to working with you along your path to health and healing.


Robin Brooks


After a lifetime of learning from and testing my own body through athletic and outdoor pursuits, I joyfully came into massage to learn the body from an additional perspective. I studied massage in Costa Rica where I was fortunate to be exposed to a number of modalities through top-notch instructors from around the world. Massage therapy is a life-long learning pursuit; I continue to deepen my passions in massage whenever and wherever I can!

My work incorporates a variety of techniques and modalities designed and combined for each person on the table.  My training includes: neuromuscular therapy, muscle specific deep tissue work, Swedish, Visceral Manipulation, oncology massage and more!  I love working with people to give them a unique treatment helping keep them healthy, happy, and active.

I am nationally board certified through NCMTB and licensed in Montana and California.  I do take insurance clients.  Please contact me to discuss your insurance situation.

I grew up in Seattle, WA and moved to Whitefish in 2010.  Whitefish found me during a year-long bicycle trip where I unintentionally came to the town and fell in love with it.  When not in the office, I can be often be found hiking, swimming in the glorious Montana lakes, cross country skiing, and out playing with my husband and dog.  I also help run and coach the Glacier Nordic Ski Team kids and adult programs.

Feel free to call me directly with any questions or to schedule (406) 291-9188.


Lea Hawkins


Lea grew up in Salmon, Idaho, another small community that today, tourism is the main source of income. The beautiful Salmon River, a backyard full of mountains, fresh water lakes, and 4 seasons that bring the beauty out all year round. She moved to the Whitefish area for all the same reasons. "Heaven on Earth" as she calls it. The majestic mountains, easy access to the many lakes and trails, fishing, camping and skiing, along with the amazing opportunity to provide massage for the community. 

She started her career in Massage Therapy in 2006 when she enrolled at Montana School of Massage in Missoula, MT graduating in July 2007.  Practicing massage was her passion primarily but the administrative side of the business caught her eye, plus the idea of sharing the excitement of becoming a massage therapist with others captivated her. She became the Admissions Director for the MSM that same year primarily in charge of tours, info session, and enrollment. She held positions as Clinic Supervisor, Events Coordinator, Reiki I assistant, Clinic Coordinator, and worked diligently in the application and completion of the school's accreditation with Commission Of Massage Therapy Accreditation or COMTA.

In February 2016, after 10 years she spread her wings and opened her own business, Sacred Spiral Massage providing massage to those working directly with Chiropractic in Missoula, MT.  In November that same year, she moved to Whitefish, MT. She gratefully accepted the offer to provide massage at Fifth Ave. Massage in July 2017. Lea is experienced in Deep Tissue Therapy, Swedish Relaxation, Reiki I & II, Hot/Cold Therapeutic Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and starting in October, sound healing.  Lea is quite versatile and provides a custom massage based on clients' needs. Anything from pain relief, relaxation, stress, sports training, or just a treat for you or a loved one, she will take care of you!!